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We acknowledge this can be a stressful process however we hope that with our help you can find peace in the midst of it all. 



This package is perfect for the couple who has planned their whole wedding but wants to enjoy the last couple months of their engagement. They desire a planning expert to come alongside them & take the wedding planning weight off of their shoulders.

Eight weeks before your wedding, we will have three (3) one-hour details meetings, create a custom timeline, and communicate details with your vendors.

This is for you if...

- You know exactly how you want your wedding day to look.
- You feel comfortable securing vendors and staying in budget.
- You’re confident in sourcing the needed decor items.
- You want someone to come in and pull the thread together the final weeks before your wedding day.
- You actually want to enjoy those final moments of your engagement (Include something off the the side here like a thought bubble making comment here “wild and crazy thought huh?”) .
- You have the self discipline to stay on track during the planning process.


The Partial Planning package is for the couple who knows how they want their wedding to look but desires a planning friend to assist in stress-free budgeting, affordable design & special details, and vendor management. Basically, by your wedding day, I will be your event BFF & an expert in all things "YOU".Surround yourself with people who want you to succeed.

P.S. That's us, we are those people. Partial Planning services
begin immediately after booking.

This is for you if...

- You don’t know where to start in bringing your wedding vision into reality.
 - You don’t know how to utilize your Pinterest board.
 - The word “budget” makes you feel like a deer in headlights.
- You’re aware of the overwhelming amount of things to do but you need an accountability partner to make sure those boxes get checked.
 - You need a unbiased wedding planning bestie to lean on no matter what life throws at you: family drama, stress, pandemics, etc.


Elopement Planning

You and your best friend are about to become one! We could not be more excited for you. Let’s face it, elopements are so much more than a courthouse wedding. Did you know, you actually CAN have it all! Whether you have always known you want to elope or given the overwhelming stress that planning a wedding day holds, we would love to come alongside you and create the perfect day for just the two of you (plus a potentially lucky few).

 Our team will join you in whatever amount of time you have between now* and your elopement day(minimum of two weeks notice). We will take your vision, love for each other and create an unforgettable day that encompasses your journey together thus far. We will find and connect you with a vendor team that will meet your style and budget. From there we will scout the perfect “I Do” location as you begin this next chapter of your story. We are here to make every moment count of this special day and to allow the organic moments to happen that you will remember forever. 

This is for you if...

- You actually want to remember your wedding day.
 - You want the freedom to slow down and take everything in.
 - You desire a meaningful day that truly encapsulates your adventurous love.
- You want someone to help you plan a relaxed and intimate day.
- You want help finding the perfect vendors and location for this momentous occasion.
- You want all the elements of a wedding day without the stress and familial dynamics.
- You’ve got other financial goals other than spending around $30k on a wedding.



Advocate Planning Session (90 Minute planning session)

You’re newly engaged and are endlessly busy, the idea of adding 10 extra hours a week for planning is stressful to you. You have no idea where to even begin or how to communicate with vendors.

All you know is you're on a tight budget with a general idea and maybe even a Pinterest Board.

Well just know as soon as you say “Yes” (or before), we will be your wedding planning warriors! We are here to help you get a headstart on planning, whether that’s advice/troubleshooting in coordinating meetings, how to research the most affordable options, book the best vendors for your vision & budget, or how to create special details that capture the essence of you as a couple or just figure out what the heck to do first!

This is for you if...

- You’re newly engaged or have just started the wedding planning process.
 - You feel like wedding planning should be easier and less ominous.
- You cannot afford a full service wedding planner but you want this to be done correctly without wasting money or time.
 - You want someone to kickstart you on your wedding planning process.
 - You want to feel reassured in your wedding hopes and dreams.

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